Stealing From Myself

The ideas that bubble up freely in dreams can be channelled if you let yourself be inspired by the irrational connections your brain makes when unchecked by the conscious ego that regulates the thoughts by day. Dion Soethoudt’s dream book ‘Stealing From Myself’ serves as a first step towards an ego-free design method.

‘Stealing From Myself’ became a 320 page book. A limited print of 200 copies, each and every copy signed by Dion Soethoudt.

Concept, design & illustrations by Dion Soethoudt
Preface by Prof. Catelijne van Middelkoop
Printed by Baltoprint

Physical signed copies available via:
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Boijmans van Beuningen Rotterdam

Het Nieuwe Instituut

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Stealing From Myself - EBOOK

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