Interaction footprint.

Consciously or sub-consciously every object that your senses interact with leave a mark. electrodes fuse and find there home in the Prefrontal cortex. the same uncontrollable marks is being taken an given by this manifest. every form of interaction translates into a mark on the manifest and a mark on the one who touches it.

the collective of marks create the contour that draws its territory, history and interaction.

Het Nieuw Instituut Rotterdam established the ”Vedute” project in 1991. ”Vedute” is a library that holds a continuously growing collection of manifests made by various invited contemporary artists. All manifests fall under the same restrictions.

Theme: Space

The restricted parameters: 44cm x 32cm x 7cm

By invite Studio Soethoudt made there manifest of space for Het Nieuw Institu- ut Rotterdam.