7 billion.

The definition of beauty is shaped by the generation that we are living in. What can attract in one generation can repulse the following generation. The fashion world is the main stage of judgment and determents what ‘beauty’ is and what is not. What is acceptable and what is unacceptable is being determent by a select group of people.

In this project, I created a wearable conversation piece. A serie of high quality handmade trenchcoats, each trenchcoat has there own body on the inside, a body that is considered not beautiful by the mainstream. It’s the trenchcoat that showed his strength in design by returning every several years as a trend in the fashion world. Also is the trenchcoat a coat that has the reputation of being used by streaker who would like to shock people by showing there body on inappropriate moments.
The high quality fabrics and handmade labor that are being used for making every trenchcoat represents the respect and care each human body deserves.

Is the streaker only an unpleasant experience because of his fat body? Would it still be an unpleasant experience if a ‘hot’ model would parade on the streets flashing people. Its this other side of the spectrum I visualize an other extreme representation of beauty. There are seven billion beautiful body's in the world.