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Driving Dutch Design - filmportret #6

When the world comes to a standstill, what remains important? We invite you to Re-Value with us.

We are a collective of 22 designers - united by the talent development program Driving Dutch Design, initiated by ABN AMRO, BNO (Association of Dutch Designers) and DDF (Dutch Design Foundation).

This year we are collectively researching the theme of VALUE: in podcasts, written articles, a virtual group expo at Dutch Design Week 2020, our own website and in 6 episodes on DDW TV.

Sebastiaan van de Venne (Draw Slow)
Dion Soethoudt (Studio Soethoudt)
Anouk van Mil (MILC)

Watch it here! (dutch)


DDW x VPRO Ambassadeur Talks: Koert van Mensvoort + Lonneke Gordijn, Niels ’t Hooft en Dion Soethoudt

DDW en VPRO maken tijdens Dutch Design Week drie talks waarin de ambassadeurs, makers en ontwerpers de toekomst verkennen. In de tweede aflevering gaat Koert van Mensvoort in gesprek over The New Intimacy – het thema van DDW20 – met kunstenaar en oud-DDW-ambassadeur Lonneke Gordijn, schrijver Nielt ’t Hooft en ontwerper Dion Soethoudt.

Ze zijn alle vier gefascineerd door kunstmatige intelligentie en werken daar allemaal op hun eigen manier mee samen. Welke intimiteit kun of moet je hebben met slimme technologie en wat zijn de morele implicaties? En is de rol van de kunstenaars en de ontwerpers?

(Bekijk het volledige gesprek hier)


Fugazi Fugazi at Dutch Design Week 2020

The first phase of project Fugazi Fugaziis officially released at the 2020 Dutch Design Week.


The Art Department 2020 - a hybrid experiment

Confusing times, exciting formats. In The Netherlands the pandemic is now under control and the COVID-19-regulations are loosened. This means we have some exciting news! The Art Department will be our first hybrid festival.

And so we dived into yet another adventure, creating an online festival that was partially streamed from a live stage at Klokgebouw, Eindhoven.


Is this the time for activism and rebellion? - Driving Dutch Design Re-value rebel podcast

These insecure times give way to change. A rebel resists the ruling authority. An activist tries to set a political or social movement in motion. In what way can a designer be of value in rebellion or activism? And in what way is rebellion or activism of value to design?

In the first studio session, social designer and design researcher Myrthe Krepel (SMELT) speaks with graphic designers Sophie Balch and Tijn Kok (ST-DUO), artist and researcher Julia Janssen and conceptual designer Dion Soethoudt (Studio Soethoudt). None of them consider themselves an activist or rebel, but they do see rebellion and activism in each other.

During the Driving Dutch Design podcast studio sessions we explore Re-Value in the themes Rebel, Research, Reconnect, Reinvent, Reflect, React - 6 meetings in which we have a 60-minute conversation with 3 or 4 Drivers. We focus on the post-corona era: how will this world take shape and how can creative entrepreneurs (designers, artists, artists, thinkers and makers) play a role in it?

Listen to the podcasts (in dutch) or read the articles (in English) here


Interview - Dutch designers Magazine 0: A Lonely Planet - 2020

During the stay-at-home lockdown I was asked to do a short interview for the BNO Dutch designers Magazine #0: A Lonely Planet. We talked about how I manage and adjust as a designer in a pandemic time frame.

For the full interview visit (BNO members only): Full interview

Photo credit: studio de Ronners


Playgrounds Online Fest #1 - The Art Department

Yes, this spring is all about self-isolation and staying at home! But why not meet online instead? Without further ado, on April 16th you are cordially invited to our very first Playgrounds Online Festival! Playgrounds will centre the first edition around The Art Department, so expect top notch speakers on design and concept art in animation, films and games.

The very first online festival couldn’t be created without the help and support of three amazing artists who will host the two streams. Jort van Welbergen has been involved in The Art Department since it is first edition in 2017 as a curator and host. Another concept artist who has been there from the start of The Art Department is Leon Tukker. He gave talks, demo’s, portfolio reviews and was a host! Last, but not least, is conceptual designer and artist Dion Soethoudt. Soethoudt’s work has been shown several times at Playgrounds and he has been one of our Next talents.

THANK YOU! 30.000 unique viewers for our first online fest!


Colour : Exists

To Yayoi Kusama, from Studio Soethoudt will be part of the exhibition Colour : Exists. From 13 March till 15 March 2020 at the De Bouwput.

Three visual artists will showcase their work in a group exhibition transforming the white space of into a field of colour giving a kickstart to 2020 Spring!

Moona Saul - an illustrator presenting her print packed portraits illustrated in a graphic yet fluid note and a psychedelic vibe.

Sarah Stone - a photographer presenting her 2019 summer project entitled “100 x collages” that are spontaneous prints of colourful cut paper collages.

Dion Soethoudt - a conceptual designer presents his wall piece inspired by the great artist Yayoi Kusama and their mutual struggles.


Driving Dutch Design 2020

Studio Soethoudt got selected as one of the lucky few to participate in the 2020 Driving Dutch Design business masterclass program!  Initiated by ABN AMRO , BNO, and the Dutch Design Foundation.



The legendary PANIC ROOM.It began in 2009 bringing the Amsterdam creativecrowd together. It’s not about the sell and youcan’t buy your way in. It’s about sharing positivityto make us better. We invite some of the bestdirectors, photographers, artists, musicians andrandom creative folk we admire from around theglobe to come and share what’s making themtick at the moment. You could call it a love-in somaybe this is our hippy moment. But we needmore love in this world. The PANIC ROOM is a bi-annual event here in Amsterdam with international editions including Mexico City and Prague.

This editions speakers where Rahi Rezvani, Justin Lockey and Shynola, hosted by Dion Soethoudt.


ILYAYLI - chapter: 01, completed

One hour past noon on Saturday, the 26th of October, Dion Soethoudt literally burst out of his 7 day voluntary confinement, concluding the first of 7 chapters of his inquiry into Machine Learning, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. In this initial chapter, entitled ‘personal space’, Dion explored the mechanism and effects of sharing his surroundings in solitude with a self-operating entity of a new era.

Photographer: Bas Muda


ILYAYLI - VPRO, De toekomstbouwers 2019 extra

De toekomstbouwers 2019 extra - VPRO selection of Future Builders, during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, Up-and-coming and high-profile design talents with ideas and solutions for the world of tomorrow. Who are these future builders? And how will their design also influence and change our daily lives?


Dutch Design Week 2019, If not now then when?

I Like You And You Like I, chapter: 01, Personal Space. Is a participation of the, Dutch Design Week 2019, If not now then when?.


ILYAYLI - chapter: 01, completed

A performance where two autonomous entities spend nine days confined in a room of solitude. An autonomous robot, capable of exploring and defining its surroundings, and a 31 year old designer.

I Like You And You Like I is an inquiry into artificial intelligence, human intelligence, autonomous thinking and the building of relationships.

Photographer: Bas Muda


Temporary Art Center, If not now then when?

The exhibition 'What A Time To Be Alive!' (#WATTBA) highlights positive change in an extraordinary world. As a platform for young talent, TAC offers its space to daring designers who celebrate diversity and commonalities, individuality and togetherness, sustainability and change.


Studio Soethoudt had a meeting at Boston Dynamics 🤫

78 4th Ave, Waltham, MA 02451, United States.


Delivery of United Colors of Dionetton serie: 0



Color Collage photoshoot

Photographer: Bas Muda


Exhibition: The Divergent Gaze – Pico do Refúgio, a Prospective Heritage

Curated by Miguel von Hafe Pérez.

Inauguration on May 1st in the Archipelago - Center for Contemporary Arts.

This exhibition brings together works by artists who have been part of the Artistic Residencies Program at the Pico do Refúgio (Peak of Refúgio) since 2015, namely Ana Catarina Fragoso, Ana Catarina Pinho, Andrea Santolaya, António Júlio Duarte, Atelier de Lisboa, Carla Cabanas, Cláudia Varejão, Daniel Blaufuks, Duarte Amaral Netto, Graham Gussin, Gustavo Ciríaco, Hun Chung Lee, José Pedro Cortes, João Paulo Sera fim, João Valente, Maria Pita Guerreiro and Dion Soethoudt, Miguel Palma, Márcio Vilela, Pedro Vaz, Thurston Moore, Tito Mouraz and Valter Ventura, to which are added the names of Luís Bernardo Leite de Ataíde and Luísa Constantina, in a total of 65 works on display.

centro de artes contemporaneas


WORTH partnership program winner!

Project 'Fugazi Fugazi' won the WORTH partnership project in Valencia, Spain. On the 2nd of March 2019 I was invited to present the project for the final assessment round to the renowned judges. In the end it passed the evaluation and was awarded with the funding and project development coaching program.


WORTH Weekend - Valencia, Spain

Studio Soethoudt got shortlisted after the pre-selection for the WORTH partnership program. Past weekend we went on invitation to Valencia, Spain to present the project proposal Fugazi Fugazi (working title) for the final assessment round.

The WORTH weekend was furthermore filled with lectures and workshops that where centered around design and business development.

Among the impressive speakers where Julia Körner and Natsai A. Chieza.

Photo by - Manuel Mejias


'Stealing from myself' showcased at WE ARE NEXT - NEXT TALENTS EXPOSED, Cultuurnacht Breda 2019.

At Cultuurnacht Breda Playgrounds presents the exhibition 'We are Next - Next talents exposed'. Five super talented filmmakers, designers and animators present their latest work. Work by Jelle van Meerendonk, Marleine van der Werf, Iris Frankhuizen, Loeks Vugs en Dion Soethoudt.

During the exposition Dion oozes you with a brand new way to experience his work ‘Stealing from myself’. Literally lay back and wonder yourselves! These artists are Playgrounds Next talents. Next is a tailor-made talent program for artist which create innovative moving images (animation, VR/AR, immersive film and installations, illustration and design).

Initiated by Playgrounds
Production by Je Moeder
Sponsored by Fatboy
Design by Dion Soethoudt



OUR DESIGN STORE - Dutch Design Week 2018

OUR DESIGN STORE, a pop-up design store during the Dutch Design Week 2018. Organised and curated by Roald Sooijs and Tess Cleven at TAC, Eindhoven.

Studio Soethoudt was represented in the store with the following works; Illustration - My little pony.", Book - "Stealing from myself" & Stool - "To Yayoi Kusama, from Studio Soethoudt".



Playgrounds NEXT talentdevelopment award 2018/2019

Announcement Studio Soethoudt awarded Playgrounds NEXT talentdevelopment program 2018/2019.

Talent program for those who make innovative creative visual representations and explore the boundaries of the moving image.

Playgrounds Next is a new tailor sized program intending to further local talent in tight collaboration with the industry, creative and educational field. The program supports local talents by using all means and individual guidance and coaching.


The Art Department - Klokgebouw Eindhoven

04/10/2018 - 05/10/2018. Character design, concept art, background visuals, character building, robotics, props: every single detail a crew has to think of and decide upon before they can get start actually making the film. For two days we immerse ourselves in the magic of visual storytelling. The world’s leading and inspirational artists and designers meet up in the Dutch capitol of design Eindhoven.


YOUNG ART NIGHT #11 - Van Abbemuseum

Studio Soethoudt project Sleeping Productivity will be displayed during the eleventh edition of the Young Art Night shoots in the Van Abbemuseum, pops and cracks from the speakers, through the museum spaces into the city during the and weekend of Saturday September 22nd.

photo: Dick Rennings


Exhibition Ongoing residency, 23 May till 27 May 2018

During the exhibition of "Temporary logic” Dion Soethoudt will showcase a reenactment of the same material, methodology, and reasoning the government uses to fix-things in the subways of Tokyo, implementing it onto an archetypical office object(s).


Arrival Ongoing AIR residency program, Tokyo 2018

03/04/2018 I have arrived in Tokyo


Ongoing AIR art residency program, Tokyo 2018

Email on 02/02/2018 14:05, wrote:
"Dear Mr. Dion Soethoudt,

Thank you very much for applying for Ongoing AIR program.


Following a review of all applications, we are pleased to inform you that you are chosen as our next resident for the program. I have attached a contract, please take a look and let us know whether you are still able to come and stay at Ongoing from April 2nd – May 31th 2018, as soon as possible. Please don't hesitate if you have any questions. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Ongoing AIR / Ongoing AIR AWARD


Denk in 2018 niet in goede voornemens, maar in dagelijkse rituelen

Illustrations for the online article "Denk in 2018 niet in goede voornemens, maar in dagelijkse rituelen"

Written by Ernst-Jan Pfauth
Commisioned by de Correspondent


Exhibition: Hoogtij Kunstnacht - The Hague

A pop-up exhibition about visual images and experiments in media , Sue das Lab.

Exhibition: Framing the news - storytelling in journalism
Curation: de Correspondent


Exhibition Vilnius Action 2017

The synagogue on Gėlių street is one of only eight such buildings to survive in Vilnius. It is currently undergoing extensive restoration works. We have brought together a team of young designers to address some important questions concerning the re-emergence of the building into the life of 21st-century Vilnius. The designers stem from different backgrounds and they have different approaches to ‘what design can do’. The presentation on Sunday will consist of ideas, associations and suggestions, not of definitive projects. They are all in some way connected to the long history of the building and of Jewish presence in Lithuania, but they are not intended as memorials. Instead, the presentations intend to serve as starting points for future projects, concerning questions that occupy many communities in the globalised world: how to weave strands of culture, tradition, heritage, religion, identity and history into the fabric of contemporary life?


PAPIER magazine #3

PAPIER MAGAZINE, a French illustration magazine promoting this medium as well as top contemporary illustrators.

The theme of PAPIER #3: « Provocation »
Format ou paysage 35,5x54cm

Illustration: N 31° 47’ 1.334”


"Waarom de hele wereld erop vooruitgaat als jij decennia eerder met pensioen gaat"

Illustrations for the online article "Waarom de hele wereld erop vooruitgaat als jij decennia eerder met pensioen gaat"

Written by Ernst-Jan Pfauth
Commisioned by de Correspondent


Invite workshop Vilnius Action, Vilnius Lithuania

Email on 13/08/2017 13:44, vgecass . wrote:
"Dear Dion,

Koen Kleijn and Vytautas Gečas (alumni of DAE) would like to invite you to participate in an ongoing design workshop which this year will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania. "Vilnius Action" is part of a continues international project intended to bring together different schools of thought on design, its context, its goals, its practice, its role in society. The first instalment of this project took place in August of 2014 in little town of Nida. On 2016 september people were invited to stay in a castle in a town of Panemunė. In a previous two projects a group of alumni of Design Academy Eindhoven teamed up with design students of the Vilnius Academy of Arts for a week of research around Nida and Panemunė. This year, invited participants will take action in Vilnius.

Dates - september 23rd - october 1st - 2017



Made Labs Educational Program In Sicily

MADE LABS is the new educational initiative conceived by MADE Program (, the brand new project of the "Rosario Gagliardi” Academy of Fine Arts, Syracuse (Sicily). This first edition of MADE LABS, curated by Studio Formafantasma and Moncada Rangel Architects, includes eight days of 4-day workshops and lectures, led by world-renowned creative Professionals and addressed to designers, architects and artists who are curious about new developments in their fields.


De Fusie - Bezeten door genieen

Online article about the project "Stealing from myself" (dutch only)


VPRO - 10 tips voor de Dutch Design Week 2016

"Al helemaal leuk is dingen maken uit geluier, zoals Dion Soethoudt doet. Hij creëerde een manier om de energie die vrijkomt als hij zich omdraait in bed om te zetten in een mooi krukje." (dutch only)


Dutch Design Week

Check out my exhibitions during Dutch Design Week at Yksi Expo and Design Academy Eindhoven graduation show!

More information:
Dutch Design Week
Design Academy Eindhoven